Stock Image Licenses

Stock images are being uploaded by model now. We can help you look for a specific look if you tell us what you want. Feel free to contact us and ask anytime about a specific model, image, or look that you are seeking.

Authors, promoters, and just anyone who wants an image can purchase a license.

Modeling/agency fees vary for certain models - (client must contact the model or agency, negotiate the fee, and arrange payment with the model/agency separate from SC-Photo) Each additional model fee would raise the cost of the image. If you do not know the model or are unsure of their fee, SC-photo will contact and or negotiate the fee for you. Just let us know.



  • Teasers* - Internet quality images for use in promotion, teasers, FB, Instagram etc. Internet Only - One year license - $25 or 3 for $50 or 6 for $75 - Great for use with character development and inspiration for writing. Yours to keep for inspiration and teasers for Release.



  • Budget* - 1 year license from publish date for single Book Cover Only - $150 + Model(s)/Agency Fee**
  • Standard* - 1 year license for single Book Cover + 1 year license unlimited printing and use for swag - $200 + Model(s)/Agency Fee


Packages from Cover Stock Images

  • Silver - $375 + Model(s)/Agency Fee**
    • LIFETIME LICENSE for single Book Cover Only, plus you get 3 teaser images for the internet promotion
  • Gold - $425 + Model(s)/Agency Fee**
    • LIFETIME LICENSE for a single Book Cover Only, 3 teaser images, and a License to use images for SWAG for 1 year.




Platinum - OWN the image and all that goes with it. All rights are signed over to you. The only condition is that credit is given for photography wherever it is used. -- $1200


*  Budget and Teaser Images cannot be printed and/or sold beyond the use intended or the license sold or given to anyone else. The license has to be renewed each year for a single book cover, but the model/agency fee does not have to be paid again. All licenses may be upgraded to LIFETIME by paying the DIFFERENCE of that fee for that license.

** Author may be responsible for paying Model(s)/Agency Fee