We love Indie Authors and we work with you to get amazing and eye catching covers that will sell books!

Your exclusive image from SC-Photo means you will have an original, one of a kind photo for your cover that will draw the reader to read your book! Unlike others, an image you purchase from SC-Photo is licensed to you for LIFE, will never be used or sold to any other author, and is licensed for full use in production of promotional materials and swag that you can sell without paying anything else. Plus all repetitive, similar images are retired from cover use.

By purchasing through SC-Photo, you get superior quality images, that are yours with few limitations. We know you are a small business and want to make money and produce your art and talent. We do not want to add tremendously to your expense but want you to succeed and use us again and again. From individual images to custom shoots, we can get you what you want without breaking your bank.

Our licenses are competitive:

Custom shoots takes your vision and turns it into YOUR cover.  ALL images are shot for you and other images in the same location or clothes, will NOT be sold to another author. You get ten (10) professionally edited images

  • Custom shoot - SC-Photo's Fee $400.00 + model/agency fee*
  • One (1) for Cover - (ROYALTY FREE, unlimited license for a single book cover),
  • Three (3) for sale, swag & promotion, with SC-Photo watermark
  • Six (6) online teasers for internet use only with SC-Photo watermark


  • Does NOT include any associated travel expenses (airfare, car rental, lodging, per diem) for either Photographer and/or model(s), payable in advance of the shoot if outside the Phoenix Metropolitan area.
  • Does NOT include any location or rental fees. These are the responsibility of the client. 
  • Client is solely responsible for providing wardrobe, specific props, locations, and specific poses where required. Photographer shall use artistic license to capture specific poses but will use that license to insure the integrity of their work. Photographer is not responsible for mistaken wardrobe or unavailable locations and is due payment for their time in the session.
  • A minimum of 30 days notice is required to book a custom photo shoot if specific locations or props are required.
  • Different poses and/or outfits from any portfolio work the model may perform after completion of the cover shoot duties are available for further licensing by SC-Photo.

*Modeling/agency fees vary for certain models - (client must contact the model or agency, negotiate the fee, and arrange payment with the model/agency separate from SC-Photo)